Windows Home Server Update To Fix Remote Access

remote access

The update lets users download a trusted SSL certificate that makes it easier to set up remote access for personalized domains at, and helps get rid of security warnings, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft will make the update available on Tuesday Nov. 27 through its Windows Update service.

The update also adds a 'Delete All' button that speeds the process of erasing backup files stored on the Home Server, and file backup, shared folder, and server storage improvements are also part of the package.

Microsoft in September issued its first update for Windows Home Server, which fixed issues with home network router/firewall and broadband providers' software.

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Based on Windows Server 2003, Home Server lets users connect multiple PCs in the same household and allows them to store, manage, back up, and remotely access their digital content.

Microsoft expects Home Server to fit well into the toolbox of home integrators because it's versatile enough to be wrapped into a smart home solution along with home automation and networking technologies.

Solution providers hope Home Server will be more home-friendly than Windows XP Media Center Edition, which failed to gain traction in the home because it didn't operate well with existing products.

Several hardware vendors are rolling out Windows Home Server-based offerings, including Hewlett Packard, which plans to ship its MediaSmart Server by the end of the month.