Microsoft Brings Powerpoint To The iPhone, iPod


Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, which Microsoft plans to launch in January at the MacWorld conference in San Francisco, will allow users to export Powerpoint presentations as a series of pictures directly to iPhoto, or save slide images as pictures to their Pictures folder, wrote Blair Neumann, a program manager in Microsoft's Mac development group, in a Wednesday entry on Microsoft's Office For Mac Team weblog.

After synching the images to their iPhones and iPods through iTunes, users can use the built-in photo display or slide show features of their devices to display Powerpoint slide decks, Neumann wrote. Users can also connect devices to a television or projector with Apple's Component AV or Composite AV cables, both of which are listed on Apple's online store for $49.

Despite the growing prevalence of bad Powerpoint design, Michael Oh, president of Boston-based solution provider Tech Superpowers, likes the fact that Microsoft has a group that focused specifically on developing products for the Mac.

"Microsoft is obviously such a big force in software, and they're setting a good example for software developers in the Mac community by not just making an identical port of PC-based Office for the Mac environment," said Oh.

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