Adobe offers source code for messaging technology

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The technology BlazeDS provides the ability to connect real-time and push-data applications to back-end distributed data, was previously available only through Adobe's LiveCycle Data Services ES offering. Adobe says BlazeDS services will be made available through the Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

"I think it's a great opportunity for VARs to take the technology, built it into their plans and enhance the kinds of solutions they can deliver to people," said Phil Costa, director of product management for Adobe's Platform Business Unit. "It's a way for us to continue to invest in products but collaborate with the community and in some cases proliferate the technology so that it becomes common."

While Costa said he couldn't comment on any impending open source releases, he said the company would certainly keep that option on the table. He said the BlazeDS release was something that had been discussed internally for some time. "We felt the technology was at the right point in terms of its integrity and that it was something we could release to the community but continue to maintain," Costa said. "The worst thing you can do is release a technology before its value is apparent to people." Adobe will also offer Adobe LiveCycle Data Services, Community Edition, which provides additional support in the way of product warranty and infringement indemnity. BlazeDS is currently available as a public beta at Adobe Labs.

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