Mozilla Releases Firefox 3 Beta 2

Mozilla Web browser Firefox

Mozilla claims the beta release brings 900 improvements, ranging from improved security and crisper response to an enhanced location bar and downloads window.

Memory handling, which has been a longstanding complaint among Firefox users, also received a review and improvement in the latest beta.

The location bar's autocomplete function has been simplified through a new display and synchs to previous search history and bookmarks, while improved memory usage plugged 300 individual memory leaks, Mozilla claimed. Mozilla also said the Firefox 3 does a better job of restricting cookies and other restricted content to a single domain and increased support for native widgets running on Mac or Linux.

Another widely touted improvement is the downloads window, which now makes it possible to see where downloads originated and makes them easier to find on your hard drive. With the new version downloads can also be paused and resumed between sessions.

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Mozilla stressed in its official release that Firefox 3 Beta 2 is intended for developers, in an effort to cultivate feedback.