IBM To Buy In-Memory Database Software Maker

Information Technology database software

"From a strategic point IOD is the other side of the coin of our service-oriented architecture strategy," said IBM's director of data server market strategy Bernie Spang. "[The acquisition] will help us speed up high availability and large number of concurrent users' access to data."

SIT offers real-time data access solutions through their in-memory database technology, which allows for quicker retrieval of information and reliable system failure recovery. With 500 clients and 3 million deployments, Solid Information Technology, whose clients include Cisco and HP, proved to offer a reliable service that would integrate well with IBM's IOD strategy, Spang said.

"It's an immediate compliment to our other databases," he said. "The in-memory database software compliments the on-disk software by providing even faster access to data."

Spang said while IBM is moving forward with solutions companies like SIT can offer, the on-disk data software market is still strong. "The on-disk database software is not diminishing," he said. "It's growing, as the demands for information continues to grow."

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