Apple Market Share Hits 8% In Closing Days of '07

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Apple had a record monthly market share of 7.31 percent for December, but in the after-Christmas shopping rush, its numbers jumped. In the last two days of December Apple came in with 8.01 percent of the market.

"This represents a phenomenal increase of 18% from November for the Mac and 89% for the iPhone. In addition, the iPhone has been taking off in France and the other countries it has been launched in, including an amazing .27% share of Web browsing in the United States," reported Net Applications.

In November, the Mac OS represented 6.8 percent of those sold on the market and the iPhone came in with a 0.9 percent market share.

In September, before its launch of the Leopard OS X, Mac had a 6.63 percent share of the market.

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