Washington State Leads In Software Industry Salaries


Using information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the report ranks the top 15 states by the number of software and information workers and provides the average salary for those employees.

Not surprisingly, California was number one in employment with 363,275 software and information employees. But the average wage paid to those workers, $97,938, was third behind Washington and Massachusetts where the average wage was $97,975, the report said.

Rounding out the top 15 states, average software and information worker salaries were $85,938 in Virginia, $82,236 in New York, $81,444 in New Jersey, $80,083 in Colorado, $79,698 in Maryland, $75,630 in Illinois, $74,806 in Texas, $72,467 in Georgia, $65,689 in Michigan, $65,292 in Pennsylvania, $62,396 in Ohio and $62,209 in Florida.

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