Report: Microsoft To Release Vista SP1 On Monday

according to a Friday report

A Microsoft spokesperson declined to comment on the report.

Microsoft has said on numerous occasions that Vista SP 1 won't include a raft of new features, but will instead focus on fortifying the security, performance, and reliability of the OS. Vista SP1 release candidate 1, the latest version that was unveiled in December, fixed issues with Vista's file copying, network browsing, and returning from sleep functions.

Vista SP1 will, however, include a pair of important modifications. First, SP1 will eliminate the so-called 'kill switch' in the Windows Genuine Advantage anti-piracy tool, which forces the OS into reduced functionality mode if it fails to pass periodic system checks, and has flagged legitimate versions of the OS as pirated on several occasions.

Vista SP1 will also fix a vulnerability in the OEM BIOS based activation scheme that hackers have used to circumvent the product activation measures built into Vista and XP.

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Tim Marshall, vice president of technology at Neudesic, an Irvine, Calif.-based solution provider and Microsoft Gold partner, expects Vista SP1 to provide a shot in the arm for adoption of the much maligned OS.

"Oftentimes, companies wait for the first service pack of an OS to come out before migrating. The performance side of things is probably the biggest part of SP1 for many people," said Marshall.

But there is also a significant segment of the Microsoft channel that isn't convinced that Vista service pack 1 will have much of an impact on Vista adoption unless Microsoft steps up its efforts to demonstrate the business case for migrating from XP to Vista.