Adobe Launches Rich Application Platform AIR

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"RIAs have moved beyond the stage of early adoption. They are being deployed by organizations worldwide that have recognized and embraced this revolution in Web software," Kevin Lynch, Adobe's chief technology officer, said in a release. "The incredible momentum that we are already seeing with Adobe AIR demonstrates the real need for businesses to engage with customers in more effective ways, extending innovative RIAs as first class citizens on the desktop."

Among the companies launching applications on the AIR platform are eBay, which debuted an application called eBay Desktop that is designed for frequent eBay users, Nasdaq Stock Market for tracking the market with Instant Market Replay, and The New York Times, which offers a news reading application. The AIR launch represents an effort by Adobe to become a major player in the still nascent world of RIAs by competing with Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in.

Lynch said a Linux-based version of the platform will be available later this year, and also currently offers a Mac version. There are more than 200 AIR applications available for download.

The AIR platform will also form the basis of Adobe's upcoming media player, which will compete with Microsoft's Windows Media Player, as well as Web-based word processor BuzzWord.

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