Yahoo-Zimbra Partner to Rival to Exchange Recovery App

Priced at $1.99 per user per month, MX Toolbox, of Austin, Texas, will further boost Zimbra's offering because now Zimbra can run side-by-side Exchange boxes without interruption. Customers who are on the fence will find that they finally can have a live replicated Zimbra email server that's guaranteed to work without the switch-over interruption that's experienced using server-based replication systems such as the one sold by Dell's MessageOne.

In the business continuity space, replication systems are expensive because customers have to buy and maintain their own replicated infrastructure. Usually housed in distant data centers, Exchange replicated systems just sit there until something goes wrong with a live Exchange server. These solutions make sense when customers have 1,000 or more users.

The MX Toolbox hosted solution sits iout in the Internet cloud as a managed service; there's no switch to pull. Solution providers only have to point customers' MX records to MX Toolbox data centers. The MX Toolbox technology sits in front of email servers and operates by reconciling messages to auxiliary backup email systems.

MX Toolbox works as a pass-through technology that's live at all times. Customers only have to point users to the auxiliary email systems and their good to go. End users are not affected because there's no software to install. Solution providers can help customers by making the switching live email systems into auxiliary systems.

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Unlike replicated solutions, the MX Toolbox is live at all times so users never have to experience downtime if the auxiliary email systems go down. MX Toolbox will also transfer messages that were never passed to users if the auxiliary emails systems fail. Even customers that are using Exchange can benefit from MX Toolbox because the technology MX reconciles whatever messages where not transferred regardless of the email system running.