Users Fuming Over Vista Audio Driver Glitch


The update for IDT (Formerly Sigmatel)'s high definition sound and is called "IDT High Def Codec," according to several users on a Dell customer forum, who claim that installing the update results in a "Code 10" Error after rebooting, as well as the loss of audio.

"Should you see this update appear, *do not* install it," warned 'Chris B', a Dell Digital Life Liason, in a Thursday forum post.

Sigmatel drivers were on the list of problematic device drivers that caused Microsoft in February to delay the public release of Vista SP1. When Microsoft did release Vista SP1 through Windows Update in March, the vendor blocked users with these drivers on their PCs from downloading the update.

The issue underscores the spotty OEM experience that has plagued Vista since its launch, and Microsoft and Dell share equal amounts of blame in this case, according to Susan Bradley, a Microsoft Small Business Specialist partner in Fresno, Calif.

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A spokesperson for Dell Computer, Round Rock, Texas, said Dell is looking into the matter, but didn't offer an explanation for the issue. Microsoft couldn't be reached for comment.

Many users vented their frustrations in Microsoft's Discussion Groups, with some claiming to have fixed the problem by uninstalling the driver, or using System Restore to roll back to a stable configuration. However, other users said they were unable to resolve the conflict this way, and were still searching for answers.

"How is it that we obviously cannot trust Microsoft to provide fully tested software pushed by Windows Update?" asked community member Per Nermo from Oslo, Norway, in a Thursday forum post.

Even Apple users running Vista in dual boot configurations are encountering the problem.

"I have a MacBook Pro with SigmaTel sound card, and I was stupid enough to install this update. After installation, sound is gone and Windows started to say 'no audio output device,'" wrote 'salimeryigit' in a post to Apple's Boot Camp discussion forums.