Blueroads App Boosts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner Management

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The link helps Dynamics CRM owners, especially midsize and large companies with multiple sales channels, manage their indirect sales opportunities. Businesses and their channel partners can use the combined applications to track and manage referrals and sales leads from first contact to completed sale. It also helps cross-channel sales teams collaborate on opportunities.

While Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers sales force automation, contact management and sales campaign management capabilities, its abilities to manage sales through third parties is limited.

The Blueroads application works with both Dynamics CRM and the on-demand Dynamics CRM Online, said Charles Watson, Blueroads senior vice president. The link was developed using Blueroads' Web services APIs, Watson said.

While Microsoft and Blueroads are informally cooperating to sell their combined applications to a half-dozen potential customers, Watson said the new partnership deal does not include joint sales and marketing.

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