Microsoft Dogfooding Hyper-V In Production

Microsoft has "been deploying production workloads on Hyper-V for several months now" and is in the midst of a push to deploy as many new servers as possible into virtual machines, said David Lef, a platform architect in the Microsoft IT team, in a comment on the Windows virtualization blog Dugie's Pensieve.

Microsoft, which plans to launch Hyper-V sometime in the next couple of months, plans to add another 100 production Hyper-V virtual machines in the next month, and is on track to meet its goal of virtualizing 80 percent of all new servers, according to Lef.

Lef said that Microsoft has made significant progress with Hyper-V, as just a few months ago Microsoft IT had no option but to deploy new servers on dedicated physical machines due to the limitations of Virtual Server 2005 virtual machines.

Last month, Microsoft announced it has been running its TechNet and MSDN sites on a beta version of Hyper-V for the past several months, and in May the software giant rolled out Hyper-V Release Candidate 1, which adds minor tweaks like guest operating system support for Windows 2000 Server and mouse integration tools for Novell SUSE 10 Linux.

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