Five Reasons Obama's Victory Will Boost Tech Sales

information technology

1. Obama Knows How To Leverage Technology To Win

Obama will be the first president who gets it when it comes to leveraging technology to force change. Not only did the Obama campaign use the Web to raise an unprecedented amount of money, the Internet served as the tool to energize and organize thousands of volunteers.

2. Obama Will Use Technology To Transform How Government Works

It's all but certain that the Obama administration, which demonstrated how technology can be a game-changer in the electoral process, will now deploy technology to transform how government works. From clerical workers in the trenches to top managers overseeing big budgets and organizations, expect big changes in how government uses technology to be more efficient and provide more services to citizens. There is a big opportunity for solution providers that can deliver solutions to make government more cost-effective. The emphasis going forward will be on technical solutions that reduce costs and improve services.

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3. Green IT Will Become A Priority With Obama's Support

Green IT is no longer a political imperative, but an economic one. Consolidation, virtualization and more energy-efficient systems such as blades and thin clients will be the order of the day because those technologies dramatically cut energy costs and yield quick returns on investment. Saving energy consumption with green IT systems and processes will fit nicely into Obama's commitment to tackle global warming.

4. Antiquated Technology That Doesn't Work Will Be Dumped

Many legacy systems cost too much to operate, aren't efficient and are often impossible to maintain. A president who understands how standardized, inexpensive and readily available technology can change the world won't tolerate ones that drag it down.

5. Obama Will Be The First Internet-Savvy President

We can't emphasize how important this will be in the future. Obama mobilized a grass-roots army of contributors and volunteers to change American politics. Why stop there? Talk about a foreign policy agenda. The internet is a global force that breaks down borders, and a president that understands its power and knows how to use it can't help but bring the world closer together. Any technology solution that can help speed this task will gain quick favor in an Obama-led administration.