Oracle Aids Road Warriors With New CRM 'Sales Gadgets'


Oracle said the new Oracle CRM Gadgets For Sales, through pre-built integration with the Oracle Contact Center On Demand application, provide quick access to important information without having to launch a browser, log into a system or navigate through a series of screens.

The gadgets will be available as a free download to Oracle CRM customers with existing contracts. The gadgets can be used with all versions of Oracle's Siebel CRM (version 7.7 and up) and Oracle CRM On Demand.

Gadgets include: My Contacts Gadget for quickly searching through and interacting with sales contact lists in Oracle CRM systems; Top Accounts Gadget for creating a mash-up of key account management data from Oracle CRM apps and Internet data; Top Deals Gadget for information on the status of sales opportunities; Oracle Sales Quota Gadget for realtime data on sales pipeline status and sales targets; and Search Gadget (for Siebel CRM only) for quickly searching through data and content in Siebel CRM.

The software includes features that assist system administrators in deploying and managing gadgets and a Gadget Tune-Up Tool for configuring gadgets to work with Siebel CRM. In the future, Oracle will debut gadgets with browser-based capabilities and a software development kit for building rich Internet gadgets in-house.

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