Ex-Salesforce President Resurfaces At Xactly

unexpectedly resigned as president software

Cakebread will be responsible for all financial operations at Xactly, as well as for all legal, IT, facilities and human resource operations.

San Jose, Calif.-based Xactly provides Software-as-a-Service applications for developing sales performance management programs, including sales quotas and territories, and sales incentives such as commissions. Data collected through the system can also be used to analyze sales through multiple channels.

Xactly positions its applications as complementary to CRM systems from Salesforce, Oracle and other vendors, and considers itself to be a Salesforce technology partner.

Cakebread served as Salesforce's CFO for six years and played a key role in taking the company public in 2004 and managing its finances as it grew its sales to $749 million -- a resume that startup Xactly undoubtedly found attractive as it grows toward a possible IPO. Cakebread "possesses a one-of-a-kind track record of financial-management success in today's software industry," said Xactly president and CEO Christopher Cabrera in a statement.

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Cakebread became Salesforce's president and chief strategy officer in late 2007. Last week, a Salesforce spokesman would only say that Cakebread resigned effective Feb. 1 for personal reasons.