EMC Intros SourceOne Modular Archiving For eDiscovery

e-mail architecture

EMC SourceOne is the foundation of a new suite of applications for e-mail archiving and eDiscovery, said Whitney Tidmarsh, chief marketing officer of EMC's Compliance and Archiving Division.

More important, Tidmarsh said, SourceOne features a modular architecture that will allow solution providers and customers to add new modules for such services as SharePoint archiving, data archiving, file archiving and XML.

EMC has released the first three parts of SourceOne.

SourceOne Email Management manages and archives e-mails from Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, and is replacing the company's legacy EmailXtender product, Tidmarsh said.

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It features deduplication of e-mails to reduce storage capacity, continuous data protection to automatically back up changes to e-mails, and the ability to migrate e-mail databases between storage devices.

Also included are integrated compliance tools, such as audit trails and reporting and records management, she said.

The second part is SourceOne Discovery Collection, which works on legacy e-mail archives to discover e-mails and bring them into a repository.

The third part is SourceOne Discovery Manager, a tool to mine the data from the SourceOne Discovery Collection repository as well as from e-mail archives and future SourceOne modules according to Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) standards, Tidmarsh said.

EMC plans to add a module for archiving SharePoint files in the near future, with other modules becoming available over the next 18 months to 24 months, Tidmarsh said.

EMC also released a free eDiscovery sizing and capacity tool with a ROI (return on investment) planner for SourceOne, she said.

"Just plug in the number of e-mails, and it will show the savings compared to doing nothing," she said. "It uses default values to show the storage requirements, backup times, labor required for sorting e-mails, lawyer costs and other savings over time. It's not only the dollar amounts, but also the time needed for eDiscovery."

Solution providers, including those who now sell EmailXtender, are expected to account for about half of EMC's SourceOne sales, Tidmarsh said.

EMC SourceOne has a completely new architecture that not only makes it easier for customers to use, but also makes it easier for solution providers to sell new services, said Raphael Meyerowitz, director of data center technical services at Presidio Networked Solutions, a Greenbelt, Md.-based solution provider and EMC partner.

It is just as easy to use as EmailXtender, but definitely adds more features, said Meyerowitz, who has been using a beta version since September.

"It's not just for e-mail archiving, but it helps in a range of environments," he said. "It uses a modular approach, so customers who want to archive files or SharePoint data in the future can do it all in one pane of glass."

SourceOne, which Meyerowitz said is suitable for customers with as few as 50 mailboxes, allows solution providers to offer more services to customers, including the installation of the application and the migration from EmailXtender.

Almost any storage can be used with SourceOne, Meyerowitz said. "We have tested it on servers' internal drives, on EMC storage, and in physical and virtual environments," he said.