Tech Data Bolsters Support For Microsoft ISVs

Specifically, the distributor is offering assistance to ISVs by helping them track licenses for renewals and generate the monthly usage reports that are submitted to Microsoft. According to Tech Data, the increased support is part of an overall effort to bolster what Tech Data can offer software partners and also take some of the administrative work off of the vendors' hands.

"Microsoft asked us for help in streamlining the ISV process," said Toby McDuffie, Tech Data's marketing manager for product marketing software, in a interview last week at Tech Data's Tech EDG event in Arlington, Va. "They've been managing it themselves for many years and there's a tremendous amount of transaction volume. It's another way for Microsoft to leverage their relationship with us."

McDuffie said Tech Data is continuing to test new ways to support its software community and make things easier for developers.

Tech Data's Senior Vice President For U.S. Marketing Joe Quaglia also said last week in an interview that software was the distributor's highest growth area as a product category in 2008.

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"The Microsoft ISV royalty program is an extremely valuable resource for many ISVs," added Stacy Nethercoat, Tech Data's vice president for software product marketing, in a statement. "Tech Data and Microsoft are partnering to further enhance the program by making it easier for ISVs to identify and procure the right Microsoft product licenses, as well as performing many administrative tasks on their behalf."