'Skanks' Blogger Outed, Model Forgives

And while Cohen didn't publicly out the blogger, the New York Post today identified her as Rosemary Port, saying Port launched a smear campaign against Cohen on her "Skanks Of NYC" blog because Port believed Cohen badmouthed her to her boyfriend.

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In response to the character assassination campaign, Cohen filed a $3 million lawsuit for "defamation in the form of libel and intentional emotional distress" against Port but later dropped the court action, opting to forgive and forget.

"This is about forgiveness," Cohen told the New York Post. "It adds nothing to my life to hurt hers. I wish her happiness."

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The "skanks case," as it's come to be dubbed, has been raging since last year. The "Skanks in NYC" blog was launched in August 2008 and featured unflattering pictures of Cohen and called her a host of names.

The blog, which was shuttered in March, was hosted by Google's Blogger.com service, and Cohen filed suit against Google and the then-anonymous blogger in January to force Google to reveal Port's identity.

Earlier this week, Cohen learned Port's identity when a Manhattan judge ordered Google to hand over the blogger's identity for a defamation suit.

In a statement to the New York Post about her identity being revealed, Port said she was "shocked that my right to privacy had been tampered with."