Microsoft Xbox Price Cuts: Are They For Real?


The price cut -- supposedly scheduled for the end of the month -- is not yet confirmed, and the photos of Target's advertisement are low-resolution. There are also some copy-editing errors in the flyer (inconsistent use of dollar signs indicating sale prices, for example), suggesting potential photo manipulation, so potential shoppers should be cautious.

However, rumors of the cuts have been circulating for weeks. Earlier in August, gaming site Kotaku, published a photo of a page in Midwestern store chain Mejir's catalog showing the Xbox 360 Elite offered at $299 as of the end of this month.

The price cut is highly anticipated as a competitive move against Sony, which in August lowered the price tags of its current PS3s by $100 and introduced the PS 3 Slim. Like the Xbox 360 Elite, the PS 3 Slim has 120 GB of storage and retails for $299.99. However, the Sony console also offers the ability to play Blu-ray discs.

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