Business Users Get The Jist With Gist Aggregate Service

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Supported by Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and Salesforce, Gist scrolls through more than 50,000 news sources, more than 20 million blogs, and social networks including LinkedIn and Facebook. The information is continuously updated and prioritized based on the frequency and type of communications used, such as e-mails and attachments.

"People spend too much time dealing with e-mail, searching for information and checking lots of new inboxes like Twitter all in the pursuit of better business communications and stronger relationships," said Gist founder and CEO T.A. McCann, in a statement.

Feedback from early Gist users bears that out. According to the company, nearly 40 percent of those surveyed spend an hour or more doing online search ahead of business meetings. By using the aggregate service, Gist said that almost 60 percent of users said they spent less than 10 minutes trolling the Web for information in prepping for meetings.

Gist is based in Seattle and is funded by Paul Allen's Vulcan Capital, and the Foundry Group.

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