Opera Mini 5: New Mobile Browser Borrows From The PC

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The latest iteration of the mobile Web browser continues to emphasize speed and incorporate new features, like password management and tabbed browsing, into Opera Mini 5. Opera has also built in a speed dial feature that lets users get to favorite Web pages quickly on a mobile device.

Opera Mini 5's speed dial feature may be one that gets users to adopt the Web browser. Speed dial consists of visual bookmarks that can be selected to get to favorite Web pages quickly, like a mobile dashboard for users.

Meanwhile, tabbed browsing allows Opera users to open multiple Web pages at the same time without interrupting a session of online browsing from a device.

Of course, speed dial and tabbed browsing wouldn't be quite as useful for smartphone users these days if it wasn't optimized for touch-screen devices, an improvement Opera focused on for the fifth generation of its mobile browser.

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Finally, password manager stores the variety of passwords individual users have across Web sites.

The goal for Opera seems to be to deliver desktoplike browsing experiences from a mobile device. The new features built into the latest version of Opera Mini 5 -- tabs, password management, bookmarks -- are derivatives of PC-based browsing that most Internet users are familiar with.

"The idea of navigating the vastness of the Web from such a small screen can be a daunting leap, which is why we have long committed to make the browsing experience you are familiar with from your PC easy to do on your mobile phone. With new, sleek navigation buttons, tabbed browsing and Speed Dial bookmarks, you are never more than a click away from where you want to go on the Web," Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera Software, said in a statement.