Students Can Preorder Windows 7 Home Premium For $30

A number of Microsoft online resellers, including Digital River and Win741, are currently offering the student version of the upcoming Windows operating system for a price of $29.99 to students.

Windows 7, the operating system slated to replace Microsoft's Windows Vista, is expected to be released to the market on Oct. 22.

Windows 7 can be acquired in a number of ways from Microsoft and its partners. Purchasers of new PCs with the Windows Vista operating system have recently been given coupons for a free upgrade to Windows 7. Microsoft is telling Windows XP users they need to upgrade to Windows Vista, which includes a free Windows 7 upgrade as well.

Microsoft customers also can purchase one of three different retail versions ranging in price from $199.99 to $319.99 for the full versions and from $119.99 to $219.99 for the upgrade versions.

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To buy the student version of Windows 7 Home Premium, customers need either a valid .edu e-mail address or an e-mail address from one of a number of listed educational institutions that do not provide .edu e-mail addresses. Such customers may also have to provide current proof of enrollment.

The offer from Digital River can be viewed by clicking here.

The offer from Win741 can be viewed by clicking here.