Oracle CEO Ellison Again Bashes Cloud Hype

On Monday at a Churchill Club event in San Jose, Calif., Ellison railed against what he suggested is an implicit belief in some industry circles that cloud computing represents a new way of doing things.

"My objection to cloud computing is the fact that cloud computing is not only the future of computing, it is the present and the entire past," Ellison said at the event, as reported by Fortune. "Google's now cloud computing. Everybody's cloud computing. All it is, is a computer attached to a network. What are you talking about?"

This isn't the first time Ellison has gone frothy at the mouth while bashing cloud computing hype. Last September during Oracle's annual financial analyst meeting, Ellison delivering a similar anti-cloud diatribe in which he described overuse of the term as "gibberish" and "insane" and compared it to the vagaries that pervade the women's fashion industry.

Ellison may be right about the overuse of the term cloud computing, but few would argue that it isn't destined to become the dominant delivery vehicle for computing resources. Which suggests that Ellison should consider getting himself a pair of fashionable earmuffs to drown out the coming chorus of cloud hype.

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