Sony Reveals Motion Controller For PlayStation 3

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Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony unveiled plans to manufacture and release a control for its PlayStation 3 console that will allow gamers to control games with motion. The decision by the electronics manufacturer to develop a motion-sensitive remote for its console is likely in reaction to the popularity that Nintendo's Wii has seen since its inception.

"The newly announced Motion Controller is equipped with two motion sensors, three axes gyroscope and three axes accelerometer that can detect the controller's angle and movement held in the user's hand," Sony said in a statement.

Sony is developing a complete motion-control system that it hopes will provide a flawless user experience without any glitches in control that could frustrate users. To that end, the computer manufacturer is encouraging gamers to pair the control with the PlayStation Eye camera.

"Together with the PlayStation Eye camera for PS3 which can accurately track the absolute position of the controller, the controller can detect the natural and intuitive movement of the hand and reflect the precise movement onto the game."

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The price of Sony's forth coming Playstation 3 motion controller -- along with an official name -- is yet be determined. However, avid gamers can expect the new controller to be released in spring 2010.