Google Doodle Marks 11th Birthday

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Google, which celebrated its 11th birthday yesterday, decided to do something familiar to most people who use the search engine and change its name plate for the day. In honor of its birthday, the latest doodle reflected its milestone with "Google" being changed to "Googlle."

The changes to the Google name plate have reportedly happened for Web browsers in China, London and other parts of Europe.

The search engine company often changes the name plate -- the Google logo that appears above the search engine box -- on its home page to mark holidays or other significant days in history. In the past, Google doodles have marked the birth of H.G. Wells and Albert Einstein as well as Valentine's Day and Mexican Independence.

In 2007, the Mountain View, Calif-based company incorporated specific American Holidays into its doodle line-up, commemorating Veteran's Day.

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Google's first Doodle appeared in 1998 in honor of the Burning Man Festival. Larry Page and Sergey Brin first designed the doodle to let users know that if Google's servers crashed it was because the co-founders were attending the festival.

In 2000 Brin and Page asked intern Dennis Hwang to design a logo for Bastille Day. Since then Hwang has been drawing up the doodles for Google.

Uses who click on the doodle are presented with a list of search results related to that particular subject. For some Websites, that unexpected listing can result in a lot of traffic to the Website.