Ready For My Touch-Up: Adobe Brings To The iPhone

The Adobe app is now available for download from the Apple App Store and brings some basic photo-editing functionality to the smartphone. The Adobe app features a few basic filters and functions and allows direct uploads of photos from the iPhone to, where users can take advantage of 2 GB of free storage.

Users who download the Photoshop app for the iPhone can expect basic functionality such as crop, rotate and flip. The Adobe app also provides a limited number of effects -- vibrant, pop, border, vignette blur, warm vintage, rainbow, white glow, and soft black and white -- that can be applied to new pictures or ones already existing on the smartphone.

The app includes two filters, sketch and soft focus, as well as a few color changes that can be applied to photos, with exposure, saturation, tint, and black and white all able to be played with and adjusted on the iPhone.

The majority of changes done to photos on the Adobe app for the iPhone are done by sliding a finger across the touch screen. For example, applying the sketch filter to a photo quickly changes the picture from a traditional photo to a familiar-looking sketch. But, by sliding a finger from the left of the screen to the right, the sketch filter intensifies. The same is true for any of the color changes or effects that are included in the app.

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Finally, the app allows photos to be uploaded directly from an iPhone to an account with Adobe. Signing up for a free account comes with 2 GB of storage space that can be used to share and access pictures over the Web at anytime.