Blackra1n Jailbreaks iPhone, iTouch, With Caveats


"Jailbreaking" is the writing of software that allows users of the iPhone or iPod Touch to download applications outside of Apple's App Store, which is the only place where Apple-sanctioned apps for the devices are available.

With the jailbreak of an iPhone or iPod Touch, users can then download non-Apple-authorized applications from sites such as Cydia and Icy, which become visible on the device after the jailbreak is complete. With Blackra1n, a third option for apps called "Rock" also is visible.

Blackra1n was released Sunday by Geohot on his iphonejtag blog. Geohot described Blackra1n as being able to jailbreak all OS 3.1.2 devices within 30 seconds.

However, Geohot warned, 3G and 3GS unlockers should not upgrade to OS 3.1.2 using iTunes if they want to keep their devices unlocked.

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A YouTube video showing how to use Blackra1n is available. The video contains a number of warnings, including Geohot's 3G and 3GS note as well as a warning that, because of tethering, iPod Touch 3G users will have to reinstall Blackra1n each time they turn off their devices and turn them on again.

Comments to Geohot's blogs have been generally positive, especially in regard to how easy Blackra1n is to use.

However, it does require a certain level of understanding to use.

A few respondents seemed disappointed that Blackra1n only jailbreaked their devices but would not unlock them.

Also, the excitement of jailbreaking their devices had a few novices scratching their heads. "Shozab_parbal" asked what the word "tethered" means, noting that he or she is a "noob" (new user, or "newbie"), while "" asked why it is necessary to upgrade to 3.1.2 before using Blackra1n.

Then there's "coolworld," who admitted, "i got no idea about all, but i love my iphone without really using it-yet;)" (sic)