Finally, Google Docs Offers Shared Folders; Multiple File Upload Still Shaky

The ability to share folders had been one of the most requested features by Google Docs users. Google is actively publicizing the feature -- upon logging into Google Docs, the first thing that pops up is a message balloon: "New! Share your folders."

To share a folder, select it and then click on the "Share This Folder" drop-down command at the top of the window listing items inside the folder. Users can invite other users to share, or can send the folder as a link via e-mail or IM. Once a folder is shared, it gets marked with a little icon of a person.

Now, as to unsharing, there is no apparent direct command to do so; it seems the only way to remove access for each user you no longer want to share with is by setting their permissions to "None." This could be a bit inconvenient if you have a lot of users assigned to a folder you want to unshare.

There's also not a lot flexibility with subfolders. Once you share a folder, those permissions are pushed down to all subfolders so users have to be diligent. Once a top-level folder is shared, all of the data contained in that folder is shared.

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Under the "Folders" menu item, Google Docs lists all folders that others share with you.

In addition to folder sharing, Google Docs also supports multiple file uploads. CRN Test Center reviewers attempted to upload five files: two .doc files, one .ppt and two .jpgs. We directed the upload to store the files in a specified folder. We received the error message: "Sorry, that file is corrupt, or an unknown format."

We tried next to upload a single Word .doc file and did not specify a folder. We received the same error.

Google Docs' blog stated that the features were rolling out as of yesterday and that everyone should have access by the end of the day. As of today, it seems like the multiple upload feature is still not functioning.

As for folder sharing, it is rudimentary sharing, but certainly about time.