Mozilla, Microsoft Work Together After Two Add-ons Are Blocked From Firefox

The Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 Assistant (NFA) FireFox extension and Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation Firefox plug-in were both placed on Firefox's block list and users who had them installed received a pop-up message alerting them of the action, calling the add-ons "unstable or insecure."

Soon after, the status of the plug-ins was changed, and users were then warned that they would be removed when the browser is restarted after its next shutdown.

The two add-ons were part of a .Net patch issued earlier this year and were installed without user's knowledge or consent. When Microsoft recently released a cumulative patch to Internet Explorer that resolves a vulnerability in the .Net Framework Assistant, the decision was made to disable them.

Mozilla chose to disable the plug-ins over concerns that Firefox users might be slow to install the latest patch. According to a blog posting by Mike Shaver, Mozilla's vice president of engineering, the company discussed the decision with Microsoft and it agreed with the plan to disable the plug-ins via the blocklist.

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On Sunday, Shaver wrote about Microsoft's confirmation that the .Net Framework Assistant poses no threat and that Mozilla is updating the blocked add-on list accordingly. He also added that it should be re-enabled for those users who had it enabled in the first place. The Windows Presentation Foundation add-on is still being blocked, but Mozilla is working on a way for (specifically Enterprise) users to override the blocking while awaiting its official removal from the blocklist.

It is nice to see these two forces, which are fierce competitors in the browser race, trying to get along for the good of their users. Let's hope it's a sign of more cooperation to come.

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