Silenced Yammer

Tech blog site TechCrunch reported the outage yesterday, noting that the issue appeared to be one with DNS. There is no official statement on Yammer's site about the outage, but there was plenty of Twittering about it. Twitter users started posting about Yammer's downtime, with some Twitterers from Asia and Australia posting the earliest complaints about 16 hours ago.

Yammer staff posted constant Tweets about the outage, with one post citing, "We're coming back up slowly, some networking hardware issues which we had to resolv e..."

It's unclear if the problem is fully resolved as of yet. CRN Test Center reviewers attempted to log in to the service.

The site is accessible, yet when trying to create a new account the confirmation e-mail that Yammer is supposed to send to a new user's e-mail address has not shown up in our inbox.

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The latest post on Twitter about Yammer downtime is a user stating that Yammer IM is still down.

Yammer was founded last year as a social networking platform for business users. In addition to microblogging, Yammer offers other services such as tagging, creating public and private groups, IM and SMS messaging, SSL and other security features. Unlike Twitter, only users with the same e-mail domain can join a given network.