With Motorola Droid, Verizon May Not Need Apple iPhone


The new Motorola Droid and Apple's second-generation iPhone may not line up feature-for feature, but the Droid more than holds its own against the iPhone, what with its 3.7-inch high-resolution touch screen that runs up to six applications at once, its 5-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, and a nice bundle of Google applications including new voice-activated Google Maps Navigation.

And while the 12,000 possible apps available for the Droid seems a bit small compared to the 100,000 or so iPhone apps available, that should be plenty for most users.

However, the news about the release about the Droid and the contract with Verizon make it seem less likely than ever that Verizon will sign with the iPhone.

Speculation about a possible Verizon-iPhone deal has been rampant, especially since the smartphone industry has been speculating that AT&T will shortly lose its exclusive deal to carry the iPhone in many markets.

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Doubts that Verizon is interested in signing on with Apple's iPhone also stem from a series of advertisements Verizon is running that focus on things that "iDon't."

In one ad from last week, which can be viewed here on YouTube, Verizon points out all the things that can't be done on an iPhone, including:

-- iDon't have a real keyboard -- iDon't run simultaneous apps -- iDon't take 5-megapixel pictures -- iDon't customize." -- Everything iDon't

YouTube has another version of that ad here.

iPhone fans don't seem too worried about whether the Droid becomes available or not, and have responded with their own YouTube video based on the Verizon ad. These can be viewed by clicking here and clicking here.