New Chorus App For iPhone Lets Friends Chime In With Their Favorites

Chorus, a free app itself, lets iPhone users and their friends review apps and share opinions with each other. It also provides customized recommendations based on what a user's friends are doing, according to the Chorus Web site.

"Chorus is an app and a community all rolled into one. Chorus uses social genome technology to help you tap the power of your friends to discover new apps," according to envIO, based in Andover, Mass.

Currently, Chorus is only available for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, but envIO plans to release the app for other mobile devices, the company said. It's also not currently usable through a PC or a Mac, but the company plans a Web-based version at some point, according to envIO.

Chorus includes privacy policies regarding what information is shared and with whom. For example, users control who sees which apps they download and reviews they write. In addition, Chorus does not list or share apps rated "17+" by Apple, according to envIO's Web site.

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Users who don't have a lot of friends with iPhones and iPod Touches can still read reviews and get recommendations from the larger Chorus community, according to the site.