Google Launches Mobile Movie Search App

With this latest mobile tweak, Google is touting increased readability and efficiency, along with bigger and darker icons. Users have only to go to and search for "movies" on their iPhone, Palm or Android, and then click on the "more movies" link. Options then include a list of the day's movies or the ability to select movies by "theaters."

The movie listings page includes buttons to play trailers on the mobile device, along with ratings and categories, movie posters, upcoming show times and a list of nearest movie theaters complete with distances.

Users can also touch the poster or movie title on their touch screens to find out additional details on a particular movie, such as a synopsis, a more complete list of show times, cast and crew and images.

If users browse by theater they will have access to a map of closest theaters, and can tap on the link to the theater of choice in order to see what movies are playing and when with a feature that searches for both specific movies or theaters and their listings.

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The upgraded movie functions are part of a more comprehensive overhaul Google launched for mobile apps on the iPhone and Android devices, starting last spring.

Altogether, Google is releasing its new mobile search results app in the U.S., U.K. Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.