Google Chrome: Ready For Mac Action?

bug tracker

As of Monday afternoon, there were five bugs standing between Chrome and Mac users; two are marked Priority 1, the others as Priority 2. The Priority 1 bugs both concern system crashes when Chrome attempts to render content using Adobe's PDF format. Of the others, one concerns a problem with search on specific Web pages, one will not produce Chrome updates, and another is the unpredictability in retrieving voicemail.

But even once those issues are addressed, the Mac beta version of Chrome will not offer several features that the Microsoft Windows version does, including bookmark manager, App Mode and bookmark synchronization. Support for extensions is also likely to come later.

The full-fledged Windows version of Chrome came out of beta and debuted in September. The browser is slightly more than one-year-old, and according to published estimates from Clicky, an Internet analytics firm, it already accounts for almost 5 percent of the browser market.

Still, that figure is much smaller than that of Internet Explorer (about 70 percent) and Firefox (roughly 25 percent) or Mac's own Safari (approximately 5 percent), according to research reports from Clicky and Net Applications.

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