Michael Jackson Tops Web Searches, But Others Seek Recession Information


Yahoo and Google on Monday both reported their top search terms for 2009, as well as terms related to specific categories.

Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop" who passed away earlier this year, topped the Yahoo search list for all categories, according to the Yahoo Year In Review. In fact, all the top-ten search terms were entertainment-related.

Jackson also topped the list of fastest-rising search terms according to Google's annual Zeitgeist list of top search terms.

Yet while Yahoo searches related to the economic downturn couldn't match the draw of Michael Jackson, the Twilight Saga, or the animae hero Naruto, they do offer a peak at the concerns of citizens impacted by the economy.

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Topping the list of top ten "financial hangover" searches was coupons, including "grocery coupons," "printable coupons," and "restaurant coupons," reflecting a desire to find good deals, Yahoo wrote on Monday.

The second-most searched term in the "financial hangover" category was unemployment, which included anything related to finding new jobs unemployment benefits.

Third on the list was the U.S. government's stimulus plan, followed, in order, by terms related to the cash for clunkers program, student loans, IRS refunds, foreclosures, government jobs, Ponzi scheme king Bernard Madoff, and the health care bill, according to Yahoo.

The list of top-ten economy-related searches differed significantly for Google users.

Heading the list of specific terms at Google was crisis, followed by cash for clunkers, iceland, california, recession, obama, unemployment rate, green great depression, and inflation.