3 Reasons Google's Real-Time Search Blows Away Bing

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The new Google real-time search capability is aimed at taking away a key competitive advantage that Microsoft provided earlier this year with its Bing Search engine.

Indeed, Microsoft's Bing search engine won kudos from a number of search engine pundits for its ability to do real-time searches of social networking sites like Twitter.

Here are three reasons why Google's real-time search capability blows away Microsoft's Bing real-time search.

1. Google's Real Time Search Is More Intuitive Than Bing: Google has done a flat-out better job of making its real-time search capability easier to use than Bing.

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Google's real-time search results are integrated seamlessly into the regular Google search engine results. The Bing real-time search results for Twitter are on a separate page.

Remember, searching for information is a visually driven process. Google has done a much better job of search engine design with its real-time search results than Microsoft has done with Bing.

2. Google Does A Better Job Than Bing Of Searching More Social Networking Sites: Google has done a better job than Bing of doing real-time search on the diverse set of social networking sites.

Google's real-time search incorporates a wide range of social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku, Identi.ca and, of course, Twitter.

Bing does a great job of breaking out Twitter results and, yes, even has Facebook capability. But Bing cannot match the breadth and depth of Google's real-time search.

3. Google Has Better Search Engine Technology Than Microsoft Bing: Give Microsoft credit for taking on Google in the search engine war. But the fact is, Microsoft just doesn't have the search engine technology to match Google.

Google's new real-time search is based on more than a dozen new search engine technologies that enable Google to monitor more than a billion documents.

Google's real-time search processes hundreds of millions of real-time changes.

Microsoft's Bing just doesn't have the search engine technology power and muscle that Google brings to the table with Google real-time search.