Nielsen Names The Top 10 Websites Accessed By Mobile Devices

Yahoo Mail was the second-most accessed site after Google Search, according to Nielsen, followed by Google's Gmail, the Weather Channel, Facebook, MSN Hotmail, Google Maps, ESPN, AOL Email and CNN News.

The report also said that the Apple 3G iPhone was the most prevalent handset in use in the U.S. mobile device market, accounting for 4.0 percent of all such devices during the January to October 2009 timeframe. That was followed by the RIM Blackberry 8300 series with 3.7 percent, the Motorola RAZR V3 series with 2.3 percent, the LG VX9100 (enV2) with 2.1 percent, and the LG Voyager rounding out the top five with 1.7 percent.

The report also ranked the top 10 video channels accessed in the U.S. from mobile devices between January and September with, not surprisingly, YouTube coming out on top. YouTube was followed by Fox Interactive Media, the Weather Channel, Comedy Central, CBS, ABC, MTV, NBC, ESPN and E!

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