CES 2010: Intel Unwraps "AppUp" Store For Developers


The AppUp Center obviously borrows heavily from Apple's highly successful App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The online store, which is currently in beta, offers both free downloads as well as apps for purchase. Applications will support both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as open source Moblin-based operating systems.

The AppUp Center currently has only a handful of applications available but there are more coming, Otellini promised. According to Intel, the company's Atom Developer Program has gotten off to a strong start, with thousands of developers signing up and downloading the starter-kit within 30 days of the program's launch. Intel said there are currently more than 350 applications submitted for validation and review.

In addition to Intel's own store, Otellini said OEM partners such as Acer, Dell, Asus and Samsung are working with Intel to create their own customized AppUp storefronts.

Otellini told the audience that netbooks are just the beginning for AppUp. In time, the store will expand to include applications for other devices and products running on Intel technology.

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