Enomaly Unveils Cloud Platform Partner Program


The Enomaly Partner Program is a global effort comprising partnerships with hardware technology vendors, cloud and storage companies, SIs and service providers all tied together to deliver local support and services to Enomaly customers in North America, Asia and Europe.

Toronto-based Enomaly released its first cloud platform in 2004. Since then, its Elastic Cloud Platform (ECP) product line has evolved. Enomaly now offers the ECP "cloud in a box" product in a Service Provider Edition and a High Assurance Edition. Essentially, Enomaly delivers a customizable cloud platform that enables service providers, telcos, systems integrators and resellers to offer cloud services to their customers.

"Enomaly is focused on making it very easy and simple to deploy," said Miriam Tuerk, a strategic advisor with Enomaly, adding that VARs can get customers up and running with a full swath of cloud services in four to six weeks.

The program arms partners with marketing and sales materials, product positioning and feature information, quick start guides and other pieces of collateral that allow partners to customize their Enomaly offerings.

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Additionally, partners get access to training, demo and evaluation licenses.

While the cloud computing market is just starting to take shape, Enomaly has found itself competing with the likes of 3Tera, a platform vendor that recently launched a pair of cloud computing certifications for partners and resellers. Comparisons have also been made to other big cloud names like Amazons Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and RackSpace.

Along with the Service Provider Edition and High Assurance Edition of ECP, Tuerk said Enomaly is prepping to launch a Security Edition of its product in the very near future to ensure that the cloud is locked against intrusion and that data is protected.

Overall, Tuerk said, Enomaly's partner program will focus on two segments of partners. First large partners who offer interoperable technology, like major hardware and software vendors; and second systems integrators, resellers and consultants who can gain the company a geographical foothold and local support.

Partners can participate at various levels, such as referrals, licensing and true reselling where the reseller will offer first level support and Enomaly will cover second and third level support.

Enomaly is actively recruiting partners now. Tuerk, however, said Enomaly is focusing on quality, not quantity and wants to engage partners that will add value and are willing to put in the work to offer pilot and proof of concept programs to clients and deliver the necessary support.

"It's a great opportunity, a great market, but you have to roll up your sleeves and put some sweat equity into it," Tuerk said.