Bill Gates: Nerd Of The Dance

The latest moves by Gates are more Miley Cyrus than Microsoft exec.

Photos published by show Gates partying at Sundance, strumming an air guitar and double high-fiving adoring fans.

"Many of the people dancing with him were laughing and reveling in the fact that a 50-plus-year-old egghead's egghead was rocking out to John Legend and '80s tunes. Two of his favorite songs were 'Like a Prayer' and 'Sweet Child o' Mine,'" one witness told the New York Post.

Another witness to Gates' soft-shoe performance said the billionaire former executive even took on a "sort of poor man's Jersey Shore fist pump," referring the popular MTV reality show and its casts' preferred dancing style of waving their fists in the air like a weight lifting Arsenio Hall.

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Gates was at Sundance to see "Waiting For Superman," a movie on education that Gates has been a strong proponent of from director Davis Guggenheim.

On his Twitter page, Gates wrote that it was his first time at Sundance and the film received an "amazing reception."

Gates' table-dancing performance comes as the former Microsoft chief, once seen as somewhat up tight, breaks out of his shell and embraces a more youthful culture.

Last week, Gates joined the popular micro-blogging site Twitter, where he now has more than 350,000 followers and follows only 42 people including journalists, charitable organizations, tech titans and a few young celebrities like Ashley Tisdale and Ryan Seacrest.

Gates also recently started a blog called The Gates Notes where he shares ideas and seeks feedback on The Bill and Melinday Gates Foundation, the charity run by Gates and his wife Melinda.

Gates stepped down as Microsoft CEO in mid-2008 to devote time to the foundation. He still holds a spot as chairman of Microsoft while Steve Ballmer holds the top executive spot Gates vacated.