Terracotta, Eucalyptus Team For Turnkey Private Clouds


Along with the integration pact, which tightly ties together Terracotta’s technology and Eucalyptus’ software, the two companies will also engage in joint sales and marketing activities and attack the channel as a cohesive unit.

According to Eucalyptus CTO Rich Wolski, the joint Terracotta-Eucalyptus offering will help scale data management and elastic provisioning for enterprises moving applications to the cloud and adopting cloud computing architectures. Companies currently face hurdles related to the elastic provisioning of compute clouds on existing data center infrastructure and the inability of the data layer to scale at the same rate as the compute layer.

Wolski said the Eucalyptus and Terracotta partnership will let large enterprises provision private clouds on the Amazon AWS-compatible Eucalyptus private cloud platform and easily capitalize on the elasticity, latency and flexibility of the cloud. Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Eucalyptus’ software can open the door to both private and hybrid open source enterprise cloud computing environments.

Meanwhile, San Francisco-based Terracotta will bring in its data virtualization and scalability offering that lets users scale applications form a single server to many nodes using familiar interfaces like Ehcache. Essentially, Terracotta is eliminating the inability for relational databases to scale to meet the demand for expanding applications and cloud architectures, which is often the biggest bottleneck in private clouds. Terracotta’s infrastructure software offers scalable, high-availability for Java applications and companies use it to offload work from databases and application servers and to reduce development efforts.

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“We provide an on-premise cloud platform that’s interface is compatible with AWS,” Wolski said, adding that Terracotta helps companies make scalable sites and apps that are easy to write. “Part of what they do is enable these kind of Web sites. Terracotta is using Eucalyptus as a target platform in the enterprise.”

For the channel, the Terracotta-Eucalyptus pairing gives VARs, resellers and systems integrators a turnkey private cloud solution to offer clients.

“We’re getting questions about on-premise clouds and how and what applications to deploy,” said Matt Reid, Eucalyptus vice president of sales and marketing. “This partnership gives them a packaged, complete solution and a turnkey approach to put applications on an on-premise cloud. It’s no longer just a nice thought to be able to build scalable applications on-premise.”

Terracotta Vice President of Marketing and Products Jeff Hartley said the two technologies are complementary and will ultimately simplify how customers and VARs deploy applications to private clouds.

Wolski added that the partnership addresses the new comprehensive stack that the cloud introduces.

“It’s an amalgamation of our technologies to give customers, users and partners the confidence that [the two technologies] will work together and lower the barrier of entry to cloud computing,” he said.