Dexrex Gear Locks Down $1 Million To Boost Cloud Channel

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Currently, Dexrex Gear sports three partners, including the recently announced partnership with, the hosted email subsidiary of Perimeter eSecurity. Using the newly acquired funds, which were provided by new and existing private angel investors, Dexrex Gear plans to bolster its go-to-market activities in the channel for its recently launched ChatSync product. The new $1 million bumps Dexrex Gear up to a total of $2.7 million in funding.

The Newton, Mass.-based Dexrex Gear launched its first business-focused product, ChatSync, late last year. ChatSync is a cloud-based solution that captures, stores and archives text-based messaging data like instant messages and SMS messages. The messaging data can be retrieved for reporting for compliance and e-discovery needs. The SaaS product works with most major IM platforms, including Yahoo, Google Talk, Windows Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger; and SMS platforms such as Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Google Android. Dexrex Gear is aimed at companies of all sizes, from the SMB to the large enterprise.

ChatSync also features APIs that fasten onto users' mobile devices and messaging clients or servers, offering the ability to push archived content and metadata to message-powered services like Web portals, monitoring applications and compliance tools.

John Wastcoat, Dexrex Gear's vice president of global business development, said the funding arms the company with engineering and sales and marketing resources to better support the channel and the rollout of ChatSync to partners.

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"We are going to be able to give [partners] additional features, including mobile and social media support that is becoming a hot button; plus sales and marketing help for channel development," Wastcoat said.

Wastcoat added that Dexrex Gear expects its channel presence to more than double throughout 2010 as it engages more potential partners. The additional $1 million in funding will help fuel that growth and enable Dexrex Gear to accommodate its partner base.

"It gives us the ability to support them from an engineering standpoint, adding more development and support resources," he said.

So far, Dexrex Gear's partners have deployed ChatSync to thousands of users, a number that grows weekly. The explosion of new electronic communications methods and companies' seeking SaaS offerings to reduce physical IT assets.

"With a renewed emphasis on archiving all forms of electronic communication, partners have seen the addition of many enterprise companies from SMB to large Fortune X enterprises," Wastcoat said, adding that the $1 million in funding "gives us a good runway in to next year."