Information Builders Ramps Up Performance Management Software


IBI's Performance Management Framework serves as a platform for analytic applications, balanced scorecard systems, performance metrics databases, and business intelligence dashboards. Many of IBI's solution provider and ISV partners build applications on top of the system, as do about half of the companies that use it, said David Cook, IBI's performance management vice president.

The new release, Performance Management Framework 5.2, helps companies set performance benchmarks for various operations within their business, such as sales and supply chain management, and compare results to performance targets.

PMF 5.2 has some 60 information "gadgets" -- such as Adobe Flex -- and other third-party content that lets business users design interactive, personalized dashboards without assistance from IT.

Complex strategies can be detailed and tracked using PMF 5.2 and key risk indicators, such as those developed by the Risk Management Association, programmed into the system to help businesses manage risk.

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And PMF 5.2 business users can bring more outside information and content into dashboards running on the platform using Web 2.0 gadgets. The system also can be linked to third-party applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint and Tagetik CPM (corporate performance management).

Making an expanded range of third-party content and data available to IBI software users is a core element of IBI's strategy this year. The vision is to expand the use of business intelligence technology outside of its traditional back-office, data-center domain and into more front-office, customer-facing applications.

As part of that strategy IBI is recruiting solution provider partners who can build customer-facing applications and portals around the vendor's business intelligence software, said Michael Corcoran, IBI senior vice president and chief marketing officer, in a recent interview. In 2009 the company partnered with some 25 developers of Software-as-a-Service applications that target vertical industries such as healthcare insurance and law enforcement.