GroundWork, Eucalyptus Team For Cloud Monitoring

GroundWork Open Source and Eucalyptus Systems have paired up to offer integration between Eucalyptus' open source private cloud offering and GroundWork's monitoring software for cloud application management.

The GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud solution will launch Wednesday and the two companies are recruiting participants into the beta program.

Through the partnership, the two companies will offer full monitoring and management of applications running in a Eucalyptus private cloud environment. GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud can also monitor data center resources and public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Open source cloud software Eycalyptus is designed for implementing on-premise cloud computing using a company's own secure IT infrastructure, turning data center resources such as machines, networks and storage systems into a controllable and customizable cloud. Eycalyptus also works with AWS and comes in two flavors: Eucalyptus open source and Eycalyptus Enterprise Edition, which supports VMware technologies.

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Meanwhile, GroundWork Open Source's Enterprise Cloud package provides automatic instance and application monitoring by understanding the topology of cloud infrastructures and aggregating results into a single screen for admins, operators and application engineers.

GroundWork CEO Pete Jackson said users will be able to use the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud to correlate and visualize application availability and performance information simultaneously across their cloud deployments.

"You need to know where everything is," Jackson said in a Webcast unveiling the partnership, adding that most cloud monitoring apps only go "skin deep."

Next: Channel Partners Can Benefit

The pairing enables GroundWork and Eucalyptus users to monitor end users services, applications, configurations and cloud infrastructure through a single pane of glass.

"The insecurity that an IT decision maker has today ... is that they're going to lose control. We have to assure them they have control," Jackson said, adding that the single pane view of clouds, the data center and applications "takes away that insecurity."

And the channel, which generates roughly 50 percent of GroundWork Open Source's revenue, will benefit in that GroundWork partners can now offer private clouds via Eucalyptus and offer monitoring on top of it.

Eucalyptus partners, too, can now offer private clouds with monitoring and management built in, said Eucalyptus CFO Woody Rollins.

Rollins said enterprises are looking for private and hybrid cloud computing environments and ways to better keep tabs on them. The cloud promises the abilities to pay as you go and to deploy new applications faster. Rollins said the private cloud is the most efficient and the home of innovation, while public clouds are used for "run of the mill work."

"If the cloud is behind your firewall you're able to protect sensitive data," he said.

Participation in the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud beta covers on-premise, public or private cloud hosted applications and infrastructure, and access to Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition, including VMware support, to implement private clouds in existing environments.

It also offers the ability to provide feedback to the engineering and product teams to define future operations in the cloud and access to engineering and technical assistance for the duration of the program.