ScienceLogic Gets $15 Million Infusion For Cloud, Channel Growth

"We'll be using a lot of this funding to invest in the channel," said ScienceLogic CEO David Link. ScienceLogic currently has around 35 partners, a number that has jumped from around 20 at the same time one year ago.

The dawn of cloud computing creates new opportunities for partners, Link said. And ScienceLogic, founded in 2003, is looking to use a portion of the $15 million infusion from investment from New Enterprise Associates (NEA) to accelerate its cloud growth. The privately-held company traditionally offered monitoring solutions for data center and on-premise companies and has, over time, made the shift toward tools to keep tabs on private and hybrid cloud computing solutions. The cloud focus is part of ScienceLogic's strategy to monitor each and every component of IT service delivery, Link said.

Cloud computing also creates a market shift in that enterprises are essentially becoming their own service providers, meaning ScienceLogic's EM7 monitoring solutions are finding their way into the enterprise at a swifter pace as opposed to mostly finding traction with service providers.

"Service providers have always needed this solution, and more enterprises are realizing that they need this critical piece as they make the move to build private clouds and utilize more public and hybrid cloud resources," Link said. "With this funding, we aim to transform ScienceLogic into the company you turn to first, because we have already solved this problem for some of the most demanding enterprises and service providers."

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The EM7 portfolio is designed to monitor data center resources, mobile and remote assets and cloud resources from a single console.

"We've spent seven years growing the company we've done a lot of it organically," Link said. "The time is now for us to change and elevate to the next level."

ScienceLogic vice president of sales Frank Monastero said the $15 million investment bump will lead to more funding and education for partners and help partners create new and unique offerings to make them more specialized versus being standard MSPs.

"Our partners will have unique managed services offerings that leverage the cloud," he said.

Currently, Link said, Reston, Va.-based ScienceLogic does about 60 percent of its business through the channel, but the new funding should bump that number more in the channel's favor.

"Our goal is to dramatically grow the number of partners we have," he said, adding that ScienceLogic wants to recruit MSPs with have a strong set of customers that want to better manage their infrastructure both in the cloud and on-premise.

"I see this as a major IT management evolution," he said. "The cloud changes the whole dynamic and adds a new layer of complexity. You really have to have a complete view of everything across all IT service delivery offerings."