Apple's 'Get A Mac' Campaign May Be Finished

In an interview published Tuesday by entertainment newspaper The A.V. Club., Long was asked about the status of the Get A Mac campaign, which hasn't featured any new spots since October. Long's response suggests that Apple may have decided to move on.

"You know, I think they might be done. In fact, I heard from John [Hodgman], I think they're going to move on," said Long said.

Apple didn't respond to a request for comment on the status of the campaign.

Introduced in 2006, the Get A Mac campaign is probably the most devilishly effective the tech industry has ever seen because it allowed Apple to shape Microsoft's image as a bumbling nerd with engrained anachronistic tendencies. Apple also had the gift of Windows Vista fall into its lap and wasted no time in capitalizing on the opportunity to highlight its faults.

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It took nearly three years for Microsoft to respond to the campaign with its own ads, a frustrating interval that was a major source of concern for Microsoft's channel partners. Microsoft's Laptop Hunters campaign, introduced in March 2009, has been an effective counterpunch, and it definitely got Apple's attention. Still, outside of the Microsoft galaxy, few would argue that Laptop Hunters was as powerful as Get A Mac.

The question now becomes, what part of Microsoft does Apple attack next? It may be tougher for Apple this time around because Windows 7 is selling briskly and doesn't suffer from the issues that made Vista such an obvious target. Apple could decide to highlight Microsoft's struggles in mobility, where the software giant trails far behind market leaders. Such a move would also fit with Apple's increasing focus on mobility.

"You really don't see any other advertising for the Mac. These days, it's all about the iPad and iPhone," said Shane Spiess, president of Portland, Ore.-based Apple reseller MacForce."There's clearly been a shift in Apple's overall marketing strategy toward mobility."

Although the mobility angle wouldn't afford Apple the opportunity to play the underdog role it played in Get A Mac, it would definitely be fun to watch.