IBM Links And LotusLive, Launches $7 Cloud Bundle

IBM wants to break down the silos of cloud services and has revealed plans to integrate a host of cloud applications into its LotusLive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) collaboration suite.

IBM on Wednesday said LotusLive will now integrate with cloud-based services from, shipping giant UPS, Skype and Silanis e-signature.

Along with the integrations, IBM unveiled a new cloud computing bundle of enterprise-class e-mail and social networking tools that Big Blue promises for only $7 per user, per month. The bundle wraps together the capabilities of the LotusLive iNotes Web-mail, messaging and calendar offering, and the LotusLive Connections social networking and collaboration platform. Combined, the bundle offers businesses file storage and sharing, activity management, instant messaging and social networking services. IBM said the bundle takes advantage of the cloud by letting users work with anyone from anywhere over the LotusLive collaboration suite.

The cloud-focused moves by IBM are the computing behemoth's attempt at breaking down the barriers between cloud applications and streamlining business processes by enabling access to various business-necessary apps directly through its LotusLive offerings.

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Companies leveraging IBM's LotusLive cloud-based collaboration platform can now utilize business services like shipping, contract signing, Internet calling and CRM, weaving it into the LotusLive fabric, said IBM vice president of cloud collaboration Sean Poulley, in a statement.

"In its first year, IBM LotusLive has won the trust of people from businesses of all sizes who want to work safely with people outside and inside their company," said Poulley. "Now IBM is weaving essential business services such as shipping, contract signing, Internet calling and CRM into the very fabric of LotusLive allowing people to get their work done faster."

LotusLive Engage for Salesforce CRM integration lets users take advantage of LotusLive Meetings, Files and Activities to collaboration with colleagues within their Salesforce CRM systems. The integration can be leveraged by both IBM and Salesforce customers.

Next: LotusLive Skype Integration LotusLive Skype integration lets users make voice calls by clicking the contact's Skype name or phone number to make free voice calls, send instant messages or share files from within LotusLive.

Meanwhile, Silanis e-SignLive e-signature service integration lets users from multiple organizations use LotusLive to sign documents electronically to complete transactions and contracts.

And for shipping, IBM has tied UPS shipping and visibility into the LotusLive platform to let users manage shipping tasks in the cloud.

According to IBM, the integration of these business services makes it possible for users to use files from LotusLive in Silanis, launch them in a meeting from Salesforce, launch a call with Skype and ship a package via UPS all from within LotusLive.

IBM said the UPS integration will be available next year, while the Skype, Salesforce and Silanis tie-ins are available now.