Apple Sets WWDC Date, May Show iPhone 4G


Apple on Wednesday said the WWDC will be held in the West Hall of the Moscone Center from June 7 through 11. It was originally scheduled to start on June 23, according to the online news site Daily Tech.

Apple promises its developers will have the opportunity to work with the company's engineers and interface designers to develop better iPhone and iPad apps.

WWDC content is divided into five technology tracks, Apple said, including application frameworks, Internet and Web, graphics and media, developer tools, and core OS.

Of special interest is the possibility that Apple will show its next-generation iPhone, which for now has been dubbed by the press as the iPhone 4G.

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Apple said on Wednesday that it will have hands-on working labs for the iPhone OS 4, including sessions on what's new with iPhone OS 4 and using core location in iPhone OS 4.

The iPhone 4G has generated a lot of buzz as of late due to the loss of a prototype of the device by an Apple engineer in a Redwood City, Calif. bar, the posting of photos and videos of the device by Gizmodo, and the subsequent police raid on the home of a Gizmodo writer as reported by ABC and other news outlets

Developers may also have the opportunity at WWDC to learn more about some issues related to Apple policies which surfaced of late.

For instance, they may bring questions about how Apple determines which iPhone and iPad apps get approved in the wake of sometimes confusing decisions such as the recent flip-flop by Apple over whether to allow an iPhone app by Pulitzer Prize-winning animator Mark Fiore to be sold, as reported by Appolicious and others.

Developers who work with Adobe Flash also have the opportunity to question Apple about its decision to not allow Flash-based apps run on its iPhone and iPad devices.