All About The Cloud: Microsoft Reaffirms Cloud Computing Commitment

Microsoft has already said it’s ’all in’ when it comes to cloud computing, and at the All About The Cloud conference on Tuesday the software giant again said it is firing on all cylinders when it comes to the cloud.

’The focus of the company is shifting,’ said Doug Hauger, general manager of Microsoft Windows Mobile Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, during his afternoon keynote.

Hauger emphasized the launch of Azure earlier this year; this week’s pending official release of Microsoft Office 2010, which features cloud-based versions of Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint; and myriad other Microsoft offerings.

According to Hauger, Microsoft is moving to ensure all of its products are available in the cloud and on-premise as companies prepare for cloud computing to truly take hold.

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And to highlight Microsoft’s commitment, Hauger said the company has invested more than $2 billion in cloud infrastructure, has 30,000 engineers working on cloud services and is offering public and private cloud flexibility and geo-replicated customer data. Meanwhile, Microsoft has achieved SAS 70 and ISO 27001 compliance and is offering uptime guarantees to prove its cloud offerings are up to snuff.

The investment and the drive to capture cloud mindshare with Windows Azure and Office 2010, Hauger said, proves Microsoft is serious about the cloud and that it can attack the five key dimensions of cloud computing head on.

’There are some dimensions of the cloud that have become fairly apparent,’ he said. Hauger said those dimensions are:

’If everything is delivered as a service you have to have a choice,’ he said.